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Release Notes

If you don't already have a reference to FlitBit Emit add one using the NuGet command line:

PM> Install-Package FlitBit.Emit


FlitBit Emit contains an object model over System.Reflection.Emit. It is used extensively by the FlitBit Frameworks for both emitting MSIL as well as code-generation and compiling custom languages.


If you are interested in generating dynamic assemblies a good place to start understanding how to perform simple emit tasks is the FlitBit Copy component. For a more involved example see FlitBit.DTO.

March 15, 2013: added this unit test which generates a basic implementation of an interface containing many common property types, complete with customized Equals, GetHashCode, and two IEquality<> implementations. It illustrates the basics and is worth stepping through in the debugger to get the gist of how this library is used.

Other Useful Frameworks

Visit the Core library's page to learn more about the FlitBit Frameworks.

After I get the other frameworks published I'll make another pass and document the interesting parts of this library.

Build Requirements
Some of the command lines rely on Powershell. Ensure your execution policy is permissive enough before running them.


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